The 9 Senate Seats Most Likely To flip In 2024

1. West Virginia

Manchin, the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, hasn't ruled out running as an independent for reelection or president. He's scheduled to declare his intentions later this year.

2. Montana

The biggest issue is whether GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale, who voted to ouster House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, would try to revenge his 2018 defeat to Tester. NRSC chairman Daines and Gov. 

3. Ohio

On a red state trend over the last decade, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown faces a difficult election. He raised $5.8 million in the third quarter, totaling $11.2 million. 

4. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania rises many slots this month because to its particularly settled GOP primary compared to other contested states.

5. Arizona

Kari Lake, who lost the 2022 gubernatorial election and advocated election denialism and conspiracy theories, was not Republicans' ideal Senate candidate in Purple State. 

6. Nevada

Nevada is significantly more Democratic than most on this list, but not much. It voted for Biden by 2 points, but Democrats aren't assuming Sen. Jacky Rosen's reelection.

7. Wisconsin

Wisconsin drops one rank because Republicans don't have a prominent contender to challenge Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin. In a battleground state that went for Trump to Biden in 2020, this contest will be close.

8. Michigan

Due to abortion's galvanizing effect, Democrats won up and down the ticket in 2022, including Michigan, which is bluer than Wisconsin. Biden won by over 3 points. 

9. Texas

Democrats haven't won a statewide election in Texas since 1994, their longest losing run in the nation. GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is a fantastic villain for national Democrat fundraisers. 

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