Starbucks Is Shuttering Seven Stores This Month

By the end of the month, San Francisco Starbucks aficionados will have fewer options.

Last Monday, the brand said it will shut seven outlets in the California city on Oct. 22. It wasn't apparent why the firm closed the stores.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said the business examines its location portfolio annually and makes modifications to best serve consumers. 

"Each year as a usual course of business, we review the store portfolio to determine where we best serve our community and customers' needs," said the release. 

"This includes opening fresh shops, identifying stores in need of investment or renovation, investigating locations where an alternative design is needed and, in certain cases, re-evaluating our footprint."

Earlier this month, Starbucks Northern California regional vice president wrote to district managers about the closures.

The closing San Francisco Starbucks locations' addresses are: 201 Mission Street 442 Geary Street 425 Battery Street 398 Market Street 780 Market Street 555 California Street 1401 Van Ness Avenue

The seven cafés' closures will reduce Starbucks lovers' options, but the city will still have 52 locations. 

 The firm has established or renovated three downtown San Francisco locations in six months and is refurbishing four more. The president wrote that closing retail workers may transfer to other sites.

 Starbucks closed six locations in Seattle, six in Los Angeles, two in Portland, Ore., one in Philadelphia, Pa., and one in Washington, D.C. 

Starbucks closed those outlets owing to a rise in crime, including drug usage, making them hazardous for staff and customers. 

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