Saving Money on Holiday Flights: When to Buy

Fare Comparison

Track flight prices and receive alerts when fares drop using fare comparison websites and apps. 

Airport alternatives:

Check local airports as well as your destination. Flying into or out of a neighboring airport can save money.

Moveable Dates:

Be flexible with travel dates. Flying on the holiday or a day before or after can save money.

Skip Peak Travel:

Air travel is busiest on weekends before and following big holidays. Flights midweek are cheaper and less congested.

Alert Fares:

Set up fare alerts with airlines and fare comparison websites to receive price decreases on certain routes or locations.

Eve booking:

New Year's Eve travel is popular, so book early.

morning flights:

Due to low travel demand, early morning and late-night flights are cheaper.

Miles and Loyalty:

Join an airline's loyalty club or use frequent flyer miles to save on vacation flights.

hotel packages:

Some websites provide savings for flight-hotel packages. Look into these savings opportunities.

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