Most Likable Myers-Briggs Personality Types According To Experts


ESFJs are welcoming and value tradition, thus they value etiquette.

Always respectful of societal norms, this personality type embodies old-fashioned civility.


This personality type is magnetic since they don't want to exclude anybody. They adore planning activities and encouraging everyone to participate and have fun.


An introvert who senses, feels, and judges shouldn't be underestimated. ISFJs' ranking on this list may be "surprising," since extroverts are usually more popular and pleasant.


Charming and likable extroverts, perceptive, feeling, and perceiving individuals pull you in. They can put folks at ease from the start and keep their audience's attention to win them over.


They're kind, helpful, and prioritize others' pleasure. INFJs can "read the room," so they know if anything is wrong or if a buddy is angry. More intuitive people think abstractly.


If someone calls themselves a "social butterfly," they may be an ESFP. Extroverted and friendly, they constantly care about others. They draw attention, yet it's adorable.

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