Beautiful Wraparound Porches For Your Dream Home

Add Colorful Accents

If you don't like neutrals, feel free to add a lot of bright accents! Color will alter your wraparound porch, from stunning potted plants to colored trim on the porch and even attractive cushions.

Hang Lights

We propose hanging lights around your wraparound porch, whether you want a fairy light style or something more bulbous. It will create an unrivaled feeling of ambiance and romanticism.

Include Durable Seating

If your wraparound porch is exposed to the elements, you should absolutely invest in weather-resistant chairs. Choose a porch swing or weather-resistant furniture.

Start with Simplicity

Wraparound porches don't have to be flashy or loud. If you prefer the basic things in life, adhere to a neutral color scheme and design.

Implement Functional Side Tables

If you want to spend a lot of time outside on your wraparound porch, include practical side tables. After all, you'll need somewhere to set your cup of coffee or wine!

Consider a Privacy Screen

You will still be able to appreciate the stunning vistas while having a barrier between you and the freezing nights or scorching days.

Create a Coffee/Reading Nook

Whether you like a classic hardcover or a Kindle, we believe building a reading nook on your wraparound porch is a fantastic idea.

Lay Out a Washable Rug

Nothing beats a rug moment, but because they may be difficult to clean and manage, choose one that is washable. This will make maintaining your outside porch clean a lot easier.

Channel Coastal Bliss

Do you like the beach vibe? To conjure shoreline sensations, keep your design basic and use coastal hues like blue and white.

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