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All Store-Bought Salsas Are Gross—Except For These 5 Brands

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Green Mountain Gringo

All the brands in the running for best classic salsa were, honestly, pretty abysmal. But among the sea of marinara-esque mush, Green Mountain Gringo was a beacon of light.

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It may not be shelf-stable, but it comes far closer to restaurant-quality salsa than any jarred version could be. And Ithaca's fresh salsa is by far our favorite.

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Herdez Guacamole Salsa

The tomatillo-based condiment usually accompanies traditional red recipes instead of being a star in its own right. But once you taste Herdez's Guacamole Salsa, you'll understand why it deserves the limelight.


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Xochitl Chipotle

The smoked jalapeños have a uniquely savory flavor that can easily become too overpowering. But Xochitl's Chipotle salsa strikes the perfect balance.

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Desert Pepper Peach Mango

We love a fruit-forward salsa as much as the next person, but typically it's a style of salsa that we prefer to make from scratch. Jarred fruit salsas can barely compete with the brightness of fresh produce.

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