12 High-Calorie Foods For Weight Gain

1. Peanut Butter

One of the finest weight-gain foods is peanut butter. Two tablespoons of peanut butter include 191 calories, 7 g protein, 16 g fat, and 7 g carbs.

2. Full-Fat Dairy

Full-fat milk is optimal for weight loss or growth. Whole or full-fat milk provides healthful lipids, minerals, and protein for weight growth.

3. Banana

A medium-sized (118 g) banana has 105 calories and 27 g of carbs. A research on male bikers found that bananas boost energy.

4. Meat With Marbling And With Skin

One of the finest high-calorie weight gain meals is animal protein. Fat-marbled meat with its skin is one of the finest ways to gain weight healthily.

4. Meat

This meat includes healthy fatty acids and is essential to a healthy diet. Its higher oleic acid content and lower stearic acid content improve health.

5. Potatoes

Potatoes are a cheap way to add calories to any recipe. Starchy veggies like potatoes are heavy in carbs and should be on your healthy high-calorie meal list. 

6. Rice

Rice is a cheap method to eat extra calories. White rice has 130 calories, 28 g carbohydrates, and minimal fat per 100 g.

7. Salmon And Oily Fish

Eat 1-2 fish pieces daily with leafy vegetables and almonds to increase weight or lean muscle rapidly. Include salmon or fatty fish steak with hot rice for lunch or supper to make it more appealing.

8. Homemade Protein Smoothies

Protein smoothies are nutritious and free of artificial sweeteners and flavors. They may be eaten for breakfast, lunch, supper, or pre- or post-workout.

9. Full-Fat Cheese

Cheese is a calorie-rich milk product found worldwide. Protein and calcium abound in cheddar. Same with feta, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and cottage cheese. Cheese helps build lean muscle and strengthen bones.

10. Dry Fruits And Berries

Dried coconut and raisins are high in calories, carbs, and good fats. Eat a handful of dried fruits before or after a workout or in smoothies and breakfast bowls.

11. Pasta And Wheat Products

Weight gain is possible with whole wheat pasta. Chicken/mushroom/soy bits make a tasty protein-rich spaghetti. Add red or white sauce, vegetables, and Italian herbs and you're done.

12. Avocado

Avocados are energy-dense. It aids weight growth when mixed with healthy diets. Avocados have 160 calories and 15 g of fat per 100 g.

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